Welcome Message by the President of Q-cities

The city of Umea is honoured to hold the presidency of Q-cities for 2010.

Umea aim to widening the network and to support and increase exchange in quality management between the members. The Umea guidelines for the Q-cities presidency is the same as for our work to fullfill the honor of becoming European Capital of Culture for 2014; "Curiosity and passion - the art of cocreation". We are curios to learn, explore and exchange experiences with our colleagues in the network and from science and other collaborators. We are passionate to develop strategies and methods to support our European citizens with even higher quality in municipal services. We are eager to develop a warm atmosphere of cocreation together with the coordinating office, the Executive Board and the network projects. We are convinced that Q-cities has the power to make us all grow in the delivery of quality service to our citizens. Umea and the network express our gratitude to the Municipality of Amaroussion for great efforts in the past presidency and in the coordinating office, crowned by the European Commission Golden Star Award to Q-cities!

Lennart Holmlund


Jan Bjoringe

City Manager

City of Umea, Sweden